Our pilot group is halfway through their curriculum and according to our mid-programme assessment, our strategy and content are spot on! Candidates indicate that their expectations are not only met but exceeded.

The closing date for 2024/25 applications is the end of September. Download the brochure here.

We asked our current candidates if they would recommend the AMIE Academy Programme

“Definitely – one can gather a lot of information from this course and the business development is outstanding for small businesses. The courses are theoretically dense but provide the relevant information that any aspiring entrepreneur should know.”

“Yes, I would highly recommend this program. It offers comprehensive training that equips participants with valuable information presented engagingly. The positive feedback we receive can be implemented immediately in our businesses.”


The Academy is the transformation initiative of AMIE and our main goal is to develop SME’s who can actively and successfully operate in the international meat and poultry trading industry. This can either be as traders or as adjacent service providers within the value chain offering support services. The programme and curriculum are aligned with Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) Principles in a demonstrative way. We used a tried and tested method that equips SME’s, identify gaps and identify mitigations to step-change SME’s.

The programme comprises a 12-month development programme focussed on preciously disadvantaged (PDA) individuals who are either identified by companies as Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) candidates, future leaders of imports/export companies and entrepreneurs who wish to upscale to a bigger footprint.

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2. AMIE is also assisting our members in balancing their BBBEE Scorecards. Invest in skills development and enterprise development to ensure governance makes business sense. Contact us for ESD solutions or advice.

3. We also represent the industry on training and sustainable development platforms and forums.

Applications for our second cohort are open.   APPLY HERE.

frequently Asked Questions

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ROADMAP FOR 2023/2024

Our current candidates are almost done with their Business Bootcamp phase and assessment of business has kicked off to run in parallel with the industry-specific training and immersions.

Sustainable transformation of the meat import and export industry is a critically important endeavour. True transformation can only take place with a net positive impact campaign. It is not something that can or will happen overnight. Read here about the business case for skills development. 


Besides contributing to building a more sustainable and robust industry, the benefits to AMIE members are directly beneficial to their BBBEE scorecards.

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One of the critical success factors of sustainable development is collaboration. The AMIE Academy is partnering with leaders in the field of entrepreneurial development, trade and investment know-how, and industry immersion in the development of a fit-for-purpose curriculum.

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