Consumer Education


AMIE, as the voice of the meat and poultry import and export participants, provides a channel for all participants to raise issues of importance and for the regulatory bodies (e.g., DALRRD, NAMC, DTI, SARS, etc.) to be able to raise matters of communal interest as well. As one central platform, AMIE continuously provides a channel for two-way dialogue that allows for a representative, collective, coordinated voice to make and receive representations. The benefit of using this structure allows for liaison and communication. Topics that we monitor and inform consumers about include:

  • Affordability
  • Safety,
  • Versatility available to consumers through imported poultry and meat.

ChickenFacts mission is to disseminate poultry insight that informs local consumers, the media, and domestic and international global players while holding local and international producers to best practice standards. There are several strategies circulating that are trying to confuse the South African public.

ChickenFacts brings you the latest vetted, information on statistics, and consumer matters and asks the questions that matter. To read articles and listen to podcasts go to: 

Consumer Information