About Us


The History of AMIE

The Constitution was adopted at the first Annual General Meeting held in 1997.

The Association was founded with the purpose to be the mouthpiece of the meat and poultry import and export industry in South Africa and to look after the interest of its members, as contained in the constitution.
Through hard work and dedication, AMIE has won the trust of stakeholders in South Africa and abroad and is widely recognised as the mouthpiece of the industry. In the last few years, AMIE has strived to work towards transparent, unbiased, and objective decision-making, policies, and regulations. To view some of the activities the organisation has been involved in Click Here.

As the industry grows, new challenges face the value chain, as we have seen and felt in a very real way with the Covid-19 Pandemic. AMIE stays committed to working tirelessly on its members’ behalf to ensure sustainable growth and development in the South African meat and poultry imports and exports industry.

Locally & globally recognised by numerous stakeholders including:

Strategic Objectives

Pursuing Global Access

Building international trade relations.
Exploring opportunities.
Monitoring, reviewing, and informing members of global trade restrictions and trends.

Promoting Fair Trade

Lobbying with government and key industry stakeholders.
Acting as a policy watchdog.
Monitoring and reviewing regulations.
Providing statistical industry analysis.
Developing industry capacity.

Facilitating Industry Dialogue

Collaborating with government departments and task groups.
Representing the industry on relevant forums.
Leading industry discussions on critical matters.

The AMIE Team:

Paul Matthew

Chief Executive Officer

Etienne Naude

Compliance & Information Officer

Surisa Nel

Stakeholder Engagement
& Transformation