Research & Development


All meat products are complex products, subject to many different pieces of legislation. Key amongst these are complex sanitary and phytosanitary requirements.

In our meaningful role in exports and imports, AMIE invests a significant amount of time and focus into understanding both local and international sanitary and phytosanitary regulations.

We also delve into domestic issues of quality and product exports as it is increasingly an important issue. We see it as our duty to ensure that consumers are well informed while all relevant regulations and legislation are being strictly adhered to and enforced.

For any industry to have long-term survival, intensive research programs are essential. The safety and quality of products are non-negotiable, and the highest standards must always apply. 

Topics we constantly monitor and focus on include:

  • Animal Health
  • Food Safety
  • Food Quality
  • Competitiveness
  • Consumer Health & Safety

AMIE's Aquisitioned Reports

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