Swine fever in North Germany raises fears

According to analysts, the epidemic of classical swine fever in Germany’s major pig farming areas has hit the sector seriously as major markets such as China are expected to maintain import bans for years. Gave. The outbreak on a farm in Emsland, Lower Saxony is the first outbreak in the northwest, where much of the German pig sector is concentrated. Although harmless to humans, ASF is often deadly to pigs and was first discovered in eastern Germany in September 2020 and is believed to have been spread by Polish wild boars. As a result, China has banned the import of German pork and suspended trade that brought about 1 billion euros ($ 1.04 billion) annually. Following several other major importers, including South Korea and Japan, rival EU producer Spain was one of those who were able to open new businesses in Asia after the ban.

Swine fever in North Germany raises fears – Essential Meat News (essfeed.com)

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