Standard Bank_ Agribusiness Biweekly Insights: Livestock Report (29 September 2023)



Namibia announced the suspension of chicken imports from South Africa until further notice. This is in response to an alarming increase in cases of bird flu reported locally. Namibia is the second biggest market for South African poultry product exports after Lesotho. During the first half of 2023, it imported 25% of South African poultry product exports. However, South Africa only exports about 3% of its poultry production. The rapid spread of the new strain of bird flu – HPAI H7 – is seriously impacting the poultry industry. The new strain is reported to be more deadly and spreads more rapidly that the other major strain that has been present in South Africa (HPAI H5). HPAI H5 is the strain responsible for the bird flu outbreaks that most countries have faced. This latest outbreak is by far the biggest that local commercial poultry production has experienced. Gauteng is by far the worst affected province, accounting for more than two-thirds of reported cases, with most cases being on layer farms. The province produces about a quarter of local egg production per annum. The pestilence is expected to keep egg prices elevated due to table egg shortages.


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