News 24: A chickenless festive season looms as prices soar

ISSUED BY PR WORX: 12 September 2023

South Africans should brace for a chickenless festive season this year as multiple industry issues come to a head, resulting in a perfect storm of supply shortages and rapid price hikes.

Latest figures from the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity Group (PMBEJD) reveal that the price of a 10kg bag of frozen chicken gained as much as R11.33 in August, rising from R383.37 in July to R394.70 – a near 3% increase in only 30 days.

But as local market pressures hit supply chains, South Africans should expect this trend to only increase in ferocity.

These runaway prices have three potential causes, namely: non-tariff trade barriers that have blocked imports from major international suppliers; the anti-competitive anti-dumping duties levied against South Africa’s most important poultry trading partners; and underwhelming local supply exacerbated by an ongoing bird flu epidemic and other pressures.


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