DALRRD_ Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak report: 31 October 2023

Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak report

South Africa experienced three outbreak events in the period from March 2022 to present.

o Outbreak event 1: SAT 2 serotype in KwaZulu-Natal and Free State
o Outbreak event 2: SAT 3 serotype in Limpopo and Gauteng
o Outbreak event 3: SAT 3 serotype in North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Free State

Outbreak event 2 started in March 2022 and was resolved and closed with the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) on 29 August 2023.

Outbreak event 1 started in May 2021 and mainly affects KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Province, with limited spread to Free State Province.

Outbreak event 3 also started in March 2022 in the North West Province (linked to the outbreak event in Limpopo Province) with spread to Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Free State Provinces.

There are currently 172 open outbreaks reported to the WOAH, and 42 outbreaks were resolved and closed with the WOAH. The table hereunder provides a summary of the open and closed outbreaks per Province, as well as the date of the last reported outbreak.

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