Brazilian Farmers’ 2022 balance and prospects for 2023

The year 2023 is arriving, and it comes with new challenges. According to the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), the upcoming year will bring opportunities for Brazil to continue increasing its participation in international agricultural trade and fulfilling its purpose of being a major food supplier to the rest of the world, contributing to global food security.

However, CNA expects a slowdown in the international trade of goods. This is based on an estimate from the World Trade Organization (WTO): an increase of only 1% in the traded volume, well below the 3.4% expected for this year.

Therefore, agricultural trade should follow the same trend, growing at lower levels than in previous years due to the slower growth of imports from China, the world economic recovery due to the Covid pandemic, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and its negative impacts (increased input prices, energy crisis, and reduced grain supply).

Brazilian Farmers’ 2022 balance and prospects for 2023 | Brazilian Farmers

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