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Membership Benefits

AMIE Explained

The Association for Meat Importers and Exporters (AMIE) is a not-for-profit legal persona with a constitution and executive oversight from its Executive Committee. Becoming a member means strength in numbers and representation for all kinds of stakeholders in the meat import and export industry in South Africa. To read through our Constitution click here Members are privy to regular, valuable, and above all trustworthy statistics. They are also updated on all burning issues and other relevant matters such as regulations and policy changes in the meat import and export industry. AMIE does not get involved in any commercial transactions but is ideally positioned to assist our members with information and communication with government departments and officials. To keep the activities of AMIE transparent and beyond reproach, the organisation is not entitled to trade or participate in any business carried on by any of its members.

Strategic Objectives:

The following Strategic Objectives ensure that members not only enjoy the best business intelligence and representation, but also a transparent and trustworthy platform for dialogue in the meat import and export industry.

AMIE Strives To: 

  • Promote and protect the interest of the Members.
  • Deal with all matters that may affect the common interest of the Members.
  • Confer and collaborate with all bodies controlling and administering the Meat Industry in Southern Africa.
  • Convey views and recommendations to all concerned to improve the meat import and export business.
  • Seek and maximise official recognition of the Association.
  • Promote and safeguard the common interest of Members in their activities as Meat importers and exporters.
  • Represent Members in their dealings with the South African Government, Customs, Board of Trade, Veterinary Services, and other regulatory bodies.
  • Disseminate amongst its Members information on all matters affecting the Meat Industry.
  • Correspond with any similar Associations in other countries.
  • Promote, support, or oppose any legislation affecting the rights or objects of the Association and its Members. 
  • Be the leading representative body for all stakeholders within the Import and Export of poultry and meat.
  • Set forth trade standards covering all disciplines across Import and Export Industry that have been accepted and adopted by all stakeholders within the poultry and meat industry
  • Ensure sustainable growth of the association as should be evident through our ongoing activities, achievements of our objectives, and in our constitution
  • Build strong relationships with HDIs and with developing farmers that are also represented within this industry to bring diversity and inclusivity
  • Uphold a strong presence on the latest media platforms including social media networks and the latest technology trends (interactive websites, AI, video content, etc.), ensuring easy access of information to all types of members, relevance, and real time actuality. {Question: This is from the Strat doc, must it be incorporated here, or this internal strategy only?}

Who manages the Association?

All our members are invited to attend an Annual General Meeting, normally in November each year. At this meeting members elect the Executive Committee consisting of the Chairman and at least six additional members who serve until the following AGM. Thus, the more representative membership is, the more representative the Executive Committee will be. This is an association for members by members of the meat import and export industry in South Africa.