Market Access: Trade Restrictions lifted for Netherlands

Please note that trade restrictions on the import of live poultry, meat and other products derived from poultry from the Netherlands into South Africa have been lifted and trade may now resume with immediate effect. Read more here

Port Regulations Can be a Double-Edged Sword

28 March 2024, Paul Matthew, Business Day In this article, we are explaining the vital role Government regulations play in ensuring a fair, safe, and sustainable food sector, and ensuring that business is compliant with standards set out by the country’s laws. Yet if they are implemented without the accompanying measures to mitigate unintended consequences, […]

South Africa’s Exports and Imports of Agricultural Products

February 2024 The Department of Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development has released an updated summary of South Africa’s agricultural exports and imports  for the period 2023 quarter 3 vs 2022 quarter 3. View the summary HERE  

February Global Trade Alert by DALRRD

27 February 2024 DALRRD has provided the industry with a document, outlining the bimonthly briefing to summarise time-sensitive news and present a compilation of trade-related public media articles. This is to enable the Departments’ trade-related functionaries and the ATF to stay up to date with the latest media information affecting the economy and international trade in […]

EU fears of imports bad for trade from SA

16 February 2024, Freight News South Africa’s agricultural exports are under direct threat because of European Union farmers’ fears of being sidelined in favour of imports and declining subsidies for the sector. Recently EU farmers took to the streets to voice their concerns as they try to curtail the threat of imports. READ IT HERE


The AfCFTA is a free-trade area, outlined in the African Continental Free Trade Agreement. The is the largest in the world in terms of participating countries since the formation of the World Trade Organisation. SARS has released the details about the implementation of this agreement. Please find details HERE.

Guidelines and schedule: Rebate provisions published by ITAC

Herewith are the guidelines and schedule for the application for tariff rate quota permits in terms of the rebate provisions published by ITAC. The Quota is implemented in terms of rebate items 460.03/0207.12/01.06, 460.03/0207.14.1/01.07, 460.03/0207.14.2/01.07, and 460.03/0207.14.9/02.07 (“the Rebate Items”). The Rebate Items come into force on the effective date and application procedures can be […]