EU fears of imports bad for trade from SA

16 February 2024, Freight News South Africa’s agricultural exports are under direct threat because of European Union farmers’ fears of being sidelined in favour of imports and declining subsidies for the sector. Recently EU farmers took to the streets to voice their concerns as they try to curtail the threat of imports. READ IT HERE

Itac rebates have the fox guarding the chickens

13 February 2024, Business Day, Paul Matthew A well-intentioned government intervention is likely to come to naught, with no relief for importers and consumers. There was some good news for cash-strapped South Africans in “Januworry” as they tried to keep their heads financially above water during what always feels like the longest and most expensive […]

Household Affordability Index for January 2024

The Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice & Dignity Group [PMBEJD] has compiled and published the Household Affordability Index for January. About the Index: “The Household Food Basket has been designed together with women living on low incomes in Johannesburg (Soweto, Alexandra, Tembisa and Hillbrow), Cape Town (Gugulethu, Philippi, Khayelitsha, Langa, Delft, Dunoon), Durban (KwaMashu, Umlazi, Isipingo, Durban […]

Guidelines and schedule: Rebate provisions published by ITAC

Herewith are the guidelines and schedule for the application for tariff rate quota permits in terms of the rebate provisions published by ITAC. The Quota is implemented in terms of rebate items 460.03/0207.12/01.06, 460.03/0207.14.1/01.07, 460.03/0207.14.2/01.07, and 460.03/0207.14.9/02.07 (“the Rebate Items”). The Rebate Items come into force on the effective date and application procedures can be […]

Still no support for local industry in wake of bird flu outbreak

29 November 2023, Moneyweb, Amanda Visser Government’s promises to assist the local poultry industry following the avian flu outbreak earlier this year have yet to materialise. The outbreak led to the culling of millions of birds, which caused a reduction of 30% in the production of hatching eggs. Deputy President Paul Mashatile promised a support […]

Paul Matthew: SA’s poultry producers and importers are stronger together

24 November 2023,  Business Day, Paul Matthew Bird flu is likely to become the new normal in SA, so we need to make sure we are looking beyond the current crisis. Much like our rugby world champions, we believe that when we are facing a challenge we are stronger together. We believe this is the […]

A temporary rebate on chicken import duties will be an important pro-poor step

09 November 2023, Daily Maverick, Lawrence Edwards and Jing Chien The domestic poultry industry is facing an unprecedented crisis. The outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) from April 2023, including the difficult-to-control H7N6 strain, has led to the culling of more than 7.5 million birds, resulting in egg shortages on supermarket shelves. In a […]

Concerns over poultry shortages and price increases

01 November 2023,, Danielle Mentoor The Association of Meat Importers and Exporters of Southern Africa (AMIE) says speed is of the essence in rolling out emergency measures to mitigate possible poultry shortages and price increases this festive season. This is due to recent recent Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza HPAI (bird flu) outbreak in the […]

Warning over chicken and egg stocks in South Africa

31 October 2023, The Association of Meat Importers and Exporters of Southern Africa (AMIE) says that the government needs to take emergency action and treat the ongoing chicken and egg crisis as a crisis, or else consumers will continue to suffer the brunt of shortages in the country. South Africa is in the midst […]